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Quality veterinary care right on your doorstep

The Manchester & Cheshire Mobile Vet - Open now - please give us a call or email if you'd like to register, book an appointment or for more information

Convenience meets compassionate care for happier pets

Would you and your pet benefit from having a fully qualified, experienced and licensed vet with a well-equipped clinic treat your pet on your doorstep?

My Visit Vet offers a low-stress alternative to traditional vets, bringing the veterinary clinic to your home. We offer consultations and operations from a mobile clinic which is equipped with anaesthesia, x-ray, ultrasound and lab equipment so we can do 90% of what a traditional vet can do without you having to leave your home! We are an independent vet offering unrushed, personalised care in Manchester and Cheshire as well as some neighbouring areas –see our map below.

For more information or to book in please contact us

Is a mobile vet right for my pet?

With a home visit, you avoid the long wait in a crowded reception room getting increasingly stressed, and there’s no risk of your pet picking something up from other poorly patients. This service is ideal for pets who find veterinary visits stressful, who may not be good with other animals, and for owners who have mobility issues, who work from home or who find it difficult transporting their pet. 


We know how frustrating it can be to keep seeing a different vet every time you visit a practice. As a small team, we offer excellent continuity to provide you and your pet with consistent quality care.

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Unrushed care

We offer longer appointments than traditional vets so we can spend time making sure we understand you and your pet’s condition, examining them thoroughly, forming a plan to suit you and your pet and explaining everything clearly.

A mobile vet offers many advantages, but we are also limited in what we can offer. We can’t hospitalise patients and may struggle to get to you in an emergency if we’re on a call some distance away. 

We can direct you to an appropriate practice or refer you to a hospital for this care when needed but you would need to transport your pet. If you have a specific clinic you would like to visit we can manage you as a mutual client between the two practices. We would advise agreeing this in advance so clinical notes can be shared and we can provide the best care possible for your pets. 

We can also offer a 24/7 veterinary triage service over the internet through vidivet which is free for our clients to use. They can be contacted through a messaging service or video including photos if necessary to advise you how urgently your pet may need to be seen. 

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opening hours

Monday-Friday  9am-6pm
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