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A compassionate farewell for your pet, in the familiar surroundings of your home


Making the decision to have your pet put to sleep can be incredibly difficult, but letting them go with as little suffering as possible is also the last loving thing we can do for them.


If you’re unsure, we’re happy to discuss things with you and to help you make this difficult decision. We always aim to make the process as stress free as possible for you and your pet.

When your pet is nearing the end, we can offer palliative care at home with strong pain killers and other medications to help control their symptoms and maintain their quality of life for as long as possible. We’re happy to guide you along the way if needed and would always be honest with you, without being pushy, if we feel it is time.

When it does come time to let go, having them put to sleep in your own home, where your pet feels most relaxed, can reduce stress levels for all involved. We endeavour to let your pet go as gently as possible in the most stress and pain free way we can manage. Every situation is individual, so we’re happy to discuss your needs and tailor what we do to suit you and your pet. We can give sedation beforehand if needed to reduce stress for your pet further.

For more information or to book in please contact us


When deciding whether it’s time to euthanise your pet we would always advise basing this decision on their quality of life. If they are still content despite only pottering around and sleeping for the majority of the day then we would generally hold off. However if they are unhappy, cannot get around to do the simple things that they would normally do or are in pain that cannot be controlled then we would advise that it is time. This link (HowDoIKnowWhen.pdf ( connects to a questionnaire that can help with assessing your pet’s quality of life and making the decision.

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