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We can offer most of the services a typical GP veterinary clinic would offer without the stress and inconvenience of travelling to a static practice.

Consultation for unwell pets

Unrushed consultations including a full physical exam and a full discussion about your pet’s health. We can deal with all common medical conditions at your home. Vomiting, diarrhoea, skin conditions, heart and lung issues, etc. can all be seen. Putting you and your pet’s healthcare first is what we do!


Surgery and operations

We can carry out most common procedures on your doorstep as we have a fully fitted, state of the art operating theatre within our mobile clinic. Reducing stress for your pet by coming to you encourages a quick recovery for our patients. We can offer neutering (spaying or castration), lump removals, biopsies, wound repairs and much more besides.


blood tests

We carry some lab equipment so many tests can be performed on the spot. Alternatively, we can take samples and send them via courier to our external lab for more extensive testing if needed.

Dental treatment

We have all the dental equipment a traditional vets would use (including air compressor driven drill, scaler and polisher) so are able to carry out dental extraction surgery as well as scaling and polishing teeth without you having to leave home.

Ultrasound exams

We carry an ultrasound unit when needed so we can perform any investigations necessary to diagnose your pet’s condition.


We are set up to safely use x-rays in our purpose-built mobile vet clinic so we can diagnose lameness, investigate coughing or breathing difficulties, and carry out x-rays for the BVA/kennel club health schemes.
End of life.png

End of life care & euthansia

When the time comes to let go, we all want to make it as gentle and stress free as possible for our pets. We can offer palliative hospice care at your home during your pet’s last days to manage many conditions effectively and maintain their quality of life as long as possible.

When quality of life can no longer be maintained, we’re ther to hold your hand and guide you through the process. A home visit for euthanasia can minimise stress for you and your pet when you have to say goodbye. We can also offer sedation beforehand if needed.



Prevention is always better than cure! We offer dog, cat & rabbit vaccinations, as well as treatment for fleas, ticks and worms. Providing essential protection to your pets from the comfort of their own home.
Health plan.png

Pet health plans

We offer a discounted plan to cover routine vaccinations, flea and worm treatment. It also includes an out of hours video consulting service that you can contact in an emergency to get an experienced professional opinion whether you need to take your pet to the vet immediately or can wait until the following day.

Travel documents & health certificates

We can come to you, administer rabies vaccinations if needed and complete your animal health certificate to enable you to take your pet abroad.

Medication reviews

We can offer medication reviews for long term medications at your home to avoid stressful veterinary visits.
Blood pressure.png

Blood pressure measures

Your pet’s blood pressure can be wildly different when taken to the vets due to the stress of the visit. Reading this at home gives a more accurate idea of their true blood pressure and can help make a correct diagnosis.
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