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Mobile vet services priced with your pet's well-being in mind

Image by Wade Austin Ellis

Our service is unique in the area. We can only see a handful of clients each day and it takes time to get to each house. For this reason our prices are inevitably higher than those you would expect from a normal veterinary practice.

As treatments and procedures vary so much, we can’t give you a detailed estimate at the time of booking, but we will discuss costs during your consultation before starting further investigations or treatment.

We are happy to accept payment via credit or debit card.

Our prices include a home visit upto 5 miles away from our office in Old Trafford. We charge an additional £15 if you are 5-10 miles, or £30 if you are 10+ miles away from our office to account for time and diesel.

To make our prices fair for clients with multiple pets, our consultation and vaccination costs are half price for second or subsequent pets on the same visit.

Below are some example costs, if there’s something else you would like an estimate for then please get in touch.

Image by Dim Hou

Saying goodbye to your pet can be difficult. We will gently guide you through the process as we aim to carry out your wishes as peacefully and calmly as possible.

Our receptionist will be able to talk you through all the options and answer any questions you may have about pet cremation. The prices shown below are for routine cremation with the crematorium dealing with the ashes or a private cremation with a return of ashes in a scatter tube. Other options are available at additional cost -  a wooden casket costs £60 on top of the private cremation fee.

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